It is easier than ever to keep your Audi Q5 running at top performance on Newburyport roads with our helpful maintenance guide. See the breakdown below of different service levels and the intervals at which they do them.

Minor Maintenance

  • First occurs at 10,000-miles / 1-year after delivery, then every 20,000-miles / 2-years
  • Check brake pad thickness
  • Change oil and replace filter
  • Multi-point inspection including Tire inspection

Standard Maintenance

  • First occurs at 20,000-miles / 2-years after delivery, then every 20,000-miles / 2-years
  • Includes all minor maintenance items
  • Safety belt check
  • Check brake hoses and bleeder caps
  • Check Engine, Transmission, Steering
  • Check freeze protection and coolant level
  • Check front and rear axle/suspension components

To see the full list, see the Audi Maintenance Schedule.

Additional Maintenance

Below is 2018 Audi Q5-specific additional maintenance for easy application in Portsmouth and Manchester.

Additional Maintenance


Dust and Pollen filter - Replace

Every 2 years / 20,000 miles

Brake fluid - Change

Every 2 years

Spark plugs - Replace

Every 6 years / 40,000 miles

S-Tronic transmission - Change fluid

Every 40,000 miles

Battery - Connected gateway

Every 7 years

Air filter - Replace

Every 60,000 miles

Auto Mechanic Checking Oil

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