Can I Get Car Repair Financing?

two technicians servicing a car

Can I Get Car Repair Financing? 

Unfortunately, cars don't last forever. Whether damage was caused by a collision, inclement weather or just old age, a serious repair may be needed. We know that repairs can sometimes be costly, but it's extremely important to get them fixed as soon as possible. When they linger, it creates an unsafe driving environment for you and your passengers, and it can make the current damage even worse. Many of our Stratham customers ask if car repair financing is an option. In short, yes! Learn more about your options with Audi Stratham below!

What is Car Repair Financing?

Car repair financing refers to a type of auto loan created to assist with the cost of vehicle repairs. There are a variety of programs to eliminate the need for repair financing such as warranties and collision insurance. We realize not everyone may be covered by either of those types of programs, causing a hefty cost to the car owner. Repair loans help alleviate that pressure by providing personal loans. If the loan is secured, the vehicle's title will likely be used as collateral. To get a repair loan, the lender typically requires a credit check. 

Is Car Repair Financing Right for Me?

Car repair financing is not for everyone in Stratham. Consider the following factors before deciding on an auto repair loan: 


  • How much is your car worth right now? 
  • What would it cost to buy a new or used car? 
  • What are the overall costs associated with the required repairs? 

If the costs of the repairs are similar to what it would cost to purchase a new or used car, it may be more advantageous to simply replace your current vehicle. Getting a new car could also eliminate future repairs if your vehicle is constantly in the shop. 

Car Repair Financing for Bad Credit

Credit is a heavily considered factor when applying for a loan. While your credit may not be perfect, it's not impossible to obtain a car repair loan. If your repair isn't dire, you can make some efforts to increase your credit score in the meantime. Contact our finance department for additional suggestions if you are concerned about your credit score. 

Let our Finance Experts Help You

If you have additional questions about car repair financing, feel free to contact us. We want to make sure you are able to drive safely on Stratham roads. You can also talk to our service department to get an estimate on repair costs before committing to a loan.