2022 Audi Q4 e-tron

Are you the proud owner of an electric vehicle (EV)? Whether you own a stunning Audi e-tron® model or bought an EV from another brand, you can rely on Audi Stratham to provide the service tips and tricks you need to care for your vehicle properly. So, do electric cars use oil? Do electric cars need oil to drive from Concord to Manchester? No, you won't need to visit our Stratham service center for an electric car oil change

That said, your EV will need transmission, coolant, and brake fluid, so you can't skip your service visits outright. Not only can we answer questions like, "Do electric cars use oil?" or "Do electric cars need oil?", but our team can provide all the EV insight you need. Read on below to learn more! 

What Fluids Do You Need to Change in Electric Vehicles?

While you won't have to stop by our service department near Nashua for any electric car oil changes, keeping up with your recommended service schedule is still critical. If you want to retain a smooth Portsmouth commute, you'll need to keep pace with the following services:

  • Brake Fluid: As with any vehicle, your EV brakes are essential to safe travels. Brake fluid changes are needed to ensure that the brake system remains properly lubricated. 
  • Transmission fluid: While you don't need engine oil, transmission fluid is incredibly important for your EV. Healthy transmission fluid ensures that the gears of your transmission move efficiently and are well preserved. 
  • Coolant: Your car's coolant keeps your battery and other vehicle systems from overheating!

Of course, electric vehicles still need to replace tires and other consumables like wiper blades, brakes, and more. If you're unsure when your next service appointment is due, get in touch with our team for a consultation. Or, book a service appointment with us online to get premium automotive care! 

Service Your EV at Audi Stratham

Do electric cars need oil? As we mentioned above, you can skip the electric car oil changes, but you will need to stop by our service center from time to time with your EV for routine maintenance. Whether you have lingering EV service questions or are looking for tire care tips, Audi Stratham can help. Turn to us for all things automotive!