How to Trade In a Car


Are you interested in upgrading your commute from Nashua to Manchester with a new or used car? If so, you'll likely need to sell your current vehicle. While you could certainly test the Concord auto market on your own, selling a vehicle privately is complicated. You'll need to advertise your vehicle, set a fair price, screen buyers, and handle the logistics. 

On the other hand, if you work with a reputable auto dealership like Audi Stratham, you can sell your vehicle in no time. If you're looking to learn how to trade in your car, the financiers from Audi Stratham are here to help. We can guide you through the process of selling your car so you can upgrade like a professional. Learn how to trade in a car with us below!

Get Your Trade-In Car Value

The first step in learning how to trade in your car is to get the estimated value of your vehicle. Luckily, Audi Stratham makes the process easy with our online Kelley Blue Book® Trade-In tool. All you need to do is enter your vehicle's year, make, and model and your contact information. Our tool offers strong estimates, but you can also search online to see what similar models are selling for in the Portsmouth area. You can explore with the Edmunds True Market Value® tool and other sites when learning how to trade in your car. 

Get an Appraisal

Once you've secured an estimate, visit our Stratham dealership to get an official appraisal. Our team will examine the condition of your vehicle inside and out to see if it would fit well with our current inventory. Make sure you bring your trade-in estimate and any other offers you've received when you visit us to make a trade.

Negotiate or Accept a Trade-In Offer

A crucial part of learning how to trade in a car is to be prepared to negotiate. You can either accept our price or negotiate for an offer that suits you best. The whole process is straightforward and transparent - a major perk of selling to a dealership. Other benefits include:

  • Unlike many dealerships, you can negotiate with our team. If you think we missed the mark, we're happy to hear your concerns. Our offer isn't set in stone, so do your research before you visit. 
  • If you're underwater on your auto loan and wish to consolidate your debt with a new loan, our team can help with that process. 

Once you accept the offer, you can finalize the trade and accept the case, or you can put the value towards reducing your car loan on your upgrade. 

Learn More About Car Trade-Ins at Audi Stratham

If you have any lingering questions or concerns about selling your vehicle, don't hesitate to reach out to our team. Our aim is to provide our community with expert automotive services every day. Feel free to visit us in Stratham to sit down with our helpful team.