The brakes on your car are as vital to your safety as the seatbelts and airbag system. Audi Stratham wants you to stay you safe when you're out on Stratham roads, which is why our service department is available to fix your brakes or anything else that may need to be repaired on your vehicle. Our expert technicians know the mechanical ins and outs of your vehicle, including the brake system. Have you ever wondered, "How do car brakes work and how do I maintain them?" Here are the basics. 

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How Does the Brake System Work?

Brakes are simple when compared to other systems in your vehicle. The simplicity of the brake system makes it easy for technicians to diagnose problems and complete repairs. When you step on your brake pedal, a lever pushes a piston into a hydraulic fluid-filled cylinder causing the brake pads to press against the brake disc. This causes the outer wheels to slow down their rotation, bring your car to a stop. 

Proper Maintenance for Your Car Brakes

Proper brake maintenance is critical to the safety of you, your passengers, and other drivers when cruising around Portsmouth. Be sure to have your brakes inspected by professionals at least once a year. The service team at Audi Stratham can do it for you, so contact us today to schedule a service appointment. Additionally, you should also do the following to care for your brakes:

  • Check out any unusual noises like squeaking, screeching, or grinding

  • Avoid braking unnecessarily

  • Try to come to a stop slowly and avoid slamming on the brakes

  • Check and replace your brake fluid regularly

Signs It's Time for Brake Maintenance 

If you're out driving around Nashua and any of the following situations occur, bring your Audi in to our service center right away:

  • The brake light stays on

  • You hear strange sounds when slowing or stopping

  • Your brake pedal feels squishy

  • Fluid is leaking

  • You smell a burning odor 

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Audi Stratham reminds you to stay safe out there and that we're available for all of your automotive needs, from finding a new Audi to scheduling service and parts replacements to buying new tires. Our experienced team is always available to answer your questions, whether you're learning more about brakes, or you'd like to learn the cost of an oil change. So, contact us today!