The following guide from your Audi Stratham service experts highlights the most important points when it comes to how often you should rotate your tires: how often, why, and where. Stratham drivers are encouraged to reach out to our Audi Stratham service center with any questions regarding routine maintenance like tire rotations, oil changes, or brake pad replacements. Contact us today. 

When to Rotate Tires

You may be curious as to how many miles you can go between tire rotations. The rule of thumb says to aim for a tire rotation after every 5,000 to 7,000 miles for two-wheel drive cars. For all-wheel drive vehicles, because the tires work harder, the recommendation is every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Although this is the generally accepted norm, it's always responsible to reference your vehicle's owner's manual for a more accurate distance regarding your specific make, model, and model year. Read on to learn why rotating your tires is crucial to keeping your car running optional throughout the greater Portsmouth area. 

Why Rotate Your Tires? 

Regular rotations can help preserve the lifespan and overall health of your tires. Your tires will benefit from the following as a result of routine rotation: 

  • Promotes Even Wear: Depending on your drivetrain, your tires will wear unevenly because some tires may be working harder than others. Uneven wear could lead to tire blowouts or dangerous wear and tear. 
  • Preserves Control: Rotating your tires helps preserve your ability to effectively control your vehicle. Better balanced handling is important to your reaction time if presented with a dangerous situation out on the Nashua roads.
  • Maintains Traction: Additionally, tire rotations preserve tire tread depth and help maintain your tire's ability to grip the road. With inevitable inclement weather, maintaining traction is paramount. 
  • Prolongs Tire Lifespan: Get as many miles as safely possible out of your tires by performing or scheduling regular tire rotations. 

Contact Audi Stratham for Maintenance Today 

If the above points have made you realize your Audi vehicle needs a tire rotation, it's time to schedule service at our Audi Stratham service center. If you're interested in learning more about recommended Audi maintenance schedules, how to check your brake fluid, or other routine repairs, contact us or stop into our dealership today.