If you're searching "car battery installation near me," there's one thing you should consider before heading to your local Nashua-area Audi dealership. Learning how to install a car battery may be easier than you think! You just need to order a replacement battery, gather the necessary supplies, and follow a few simple precautions for handling the battery safely. Find out how in this guide from the service team at Audi Stratham!

How to Install a Car Battery: Tools and Supplies

Keep in mind that a car battery may weigh up to 50 pounds, so you should feel comfortable lifting that amount. Pliers, wrenches, and a wire brush are the only tools you need to install a car battery, but you may need to grab the following specialized supplies from an Audi parts center near Manchester:

  • Anti-Corrosion Spray
  • Battery Cleaning Solution
  • Thick Rubber Gloves

How to Install a Car Battery: Step-by-Step

After removing your car battery and carefully checking it for signs of corrosion, follow these steps for how to install a new battery properly:

  1. With your car engine off and the parking brake on, pop the hood and locate the battery. 
  2. Using your wrench to loosen the nut connecting the black (negative) cable to the battery. To make this task easier, try battery wrenches or pliers made just for this task -- available to order or purchase from our parts center near Concord.
  3. When the nut is loosened, twist the black cable and disconnect it from the negative battery terminal.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to remove the red (positive) battery cable from the positive battery terminal.
  5. You should see a clamp securing the battery -- known as a battery hold-down clamp, it keeps the battery from shifting around. Remove the bolts securing the hold-down clamp and lift it carefully away from the battery.
  6. Now it's time to remove the battery! Pick it up with two hands, being careful not to spill any battery acid.
  7. Check the battery tray and hold-down clamp for corrosion. Remove any corrosion, and then use the wire brush to clean the clamp and connectors.
  8. Place the new battery in the battery tray and bolt the hold-down clamp back into place.
  9. Before connecting the positive and negative cables, spray an anti-corrosion solution on the battery terminals. This will help to prevent corrosion and extend battery life.
  10. Connect the red positive cable first, and then the negative black cable.
  11. Check over the terminal connections and that the battery is secure under the hold-down clamp.
  12. Start your engine!

Where Can I Find Car Battery Installation Near Me?

Not all drivers want to perform a DIY battery installation, but you don't need to keep searching for "car battery installation near me!" Certified Audi technicians can take care of it in under an hour at our Stratham service center, schedule your service appointment at your earliest convenience. Contact our service center to learn more about your Audi model's recommended maintenance schedule, and more service tips, like how to jump start your car, from Audi experts.

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