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What does liability insurance cover? Liability insurance is a plan designed to cover both bodily injury and property damage, and is required in most states. This helps protect other people if they're injured or their property is damaged, and you are at fault. So, what exactly does liability coverage pay for? The Audi Stratham finance center does a deep dive, so you know what you're covered for in the event you're in an accident in Nashua. 

How Does Liability Insurance Work To Protect Others?

Liability coverage is made up of property damage or bodily injury, and each can have their own limits. While there may be some minimums required by your state, you can also adjust levels above those minimums to set limits you're comfortable with. 

What Does Liability Insurance Pay For in an Accident?

We've covered that liability insurance covers bodily injury and property damage, but what exactly does liability insurance pay for? The following is what you can expect to have covered in each category: 

Property Damage Coverage 

  • Vehicle damage
  • Repair expenses
  • Necessary part replacement
  • Property damage to house, personal property, etc.
  • Pets

Bodily Injury Coverage

  • Medical and hospital bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Rehab
  • Long-term nursing care that may be needed
  • Funeral expenses in the event of a fatality 
  • Earnings lost as a result of the accident

Ensure that the limits you set align with what you'd be able to cover financially if you're in an accident in Manchester. And remember, this coverage is just for the victim(s) of a crash, not the driver. 

Setting Liability Coverage Limits

When setting limits, they can either be combined or split. Speak with an insurance representative to make sure you understand how your plan is set up: 

  • Split Limit: This allows you to select individual maximums for bodily injury payments per person, for all people injured, as well as all property damage
  • Single Limit: With split limit, there is no limit per person. Instead, the total sum will simply be spread across all those injured and all property damaged

Find More Insurance Information With Audi Stratham

When shopping for a new vehicle, you'll need to understand all of your insurance options, from required liability plans to optional gap insurance coverage. Audi Stratham is here to help you learn more with our car buying tips, and our expert advice. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more!