Like your car's brake system, transmission, and other key components, the engine requires routine service. One of those services is regular oil changes. If you don't change your oil, the heat from the engine, pistons, and other engine parts doesn't get absorbed. This results in serious engine problems that affect the overall health of your car. Audi Stratham can get you in and out for an oil change in about an hour. Find out more why you should change your oil regularly below.

What Does the Oil Do?

The oil lubricates the engine and absorbs heat created by the components of the engine. This keeps the engine from overheating, which can damage your vehicle. When you don't replace your old oil with fresh lubricant, the unabsorbed heat can cause the pistons to fuse to the cylinders. Furthermore, dirt and debris get into oil over time. When oil goes unchanged, the oil can be too dirty to work correctly.

How Often Should I Change My Vehicle's Oil?

It's recommended that you change your oil every 3 months or ever 3,000 miles (whichever comes first). However, this varies depending on your driving habits and the vehicle you own. For example, if you habitually drive long distances, changing your oil more frequently is suggested to keep your engine and vehicle in good condition. The cost of an oil change can vary, but you can call our service center today for details.

How Do I Change It Myself?

To change your oil by yourself, first, buy the right type of oil for your vehicle. Then, once you have everything that you need, drain the old oil from your car. After that, unscrew the cap and add the new oil. When you start adding the new oil, be sure to fill it up slowly and to check the levels now and then to make sure the oil level isn't too low or too high.

Get Your Oil Changed at Audi Stratham

If you'd rather have your oil changed by trained technicians, contact us to schedule a service appointment or simply drop by our dealership near Nashua and Manchester! Our certified professionals can change your oil for you and get you back on the road before you know it. In the meantime, be sure to check out our service specials! We can also answer any additional service questions you may have, such as, "How can I make my tires last longer," or "How do I clean my car seats?"