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When asking, "What is a hybrid car?" you may picture slow, boxy, and outdated sedans. While that was once the case, the hybrid car meaning has taken on a whole new definition. So, what is a hybrid car exactly? Essentially, the hybrid car definition is a vehicle with an electric motor that is paired with a gasoline engine. These two components work together to propel your Nashua travels. 

If you're looking for an option that can help you take on your commute from Manchester to Concord without the hassle of frequent fuel stops, an Audi hybrid option is right for you. We have hybrid SUVs like the family-friendly Audi Q5 and agile sedans like the Audi A7 to ensure you find your dream ride. Today, Audi Stratham will uncover the hybrid car meaning so you can decide if a fuel-efficient luxury model is right for your lifestyle. 

Types of Hybrid Cars

The hybrid car definition states that a vehicle's powertrain consists of an electric motor and a gasoline engine. These two power sources work together to maximize efficiency while providing the backup power of a gasoline engine for longer drives. Before you head home to Stratham in your new hybrid, review the different options available below:

Parallel Hybrid

The parallel hybrid system is the most common type of hybrid on the market today. With this type of hybrid, both the electric motor and gas engine are connected to the same automatic, manual, or CVT transmission. 

Series Hybrid

While series hybrid models also have an electric motor and a gasoline engine, their functions differ from the parallel hybrid system. In a series hybrid, the electric motors are paired directly with the transmission as the sole power source for the vehicle. The gasoline engine serves as a generator that powers the electric motors.

Plug-In Hybrid

Audi hybrid models come in a third variety, known as plug-in hybrids. Similar to parallel hybrids, plug-in hybrids also have an electric motor and a gasoline engine that connect to the transmission. However, plug-in hybrids have increased battery size and power, allowing the vehicle to drive farther on electric power alone. If you frequently drive short distances, you can often do all of your traveling on pure electric power. 

An advantage that plug-in hybrids have over Audi Electric vehicles is the backup power source. If your plug-in hybrid vehicle runs out of charge, you can switch over to the gas engine and continue driving!

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If you're eager to transform the hybrid car definition into a real-world driving experience, make your way to Audi Stratham for a test drive. Our team can help you learn how to trade in your gas-guzzler for an efficient Audi hybrid. We offer a host of car buying tips to help you understand the hybrid car meaning and much more. Audi Stratham is dedicated to helping you find the right vehicle to transform your Portsmouth travels. Shop with us today!