If you notice your vehicle shaking as you brake on the roads of Nashua and beyond, there could be a few potential culprits. Maybe you feel it in the steering wheel or brake pedal as you head to work in Manchester. A common question we hear at our service center is, "Why does my car shake when braking?" The automotive experts at Audi Stratham can diagnose why your car trembles when braking. Below, we have listed some of the most common causes of this automotive issue. 

Warped Brake Rotors

In most cases, the reason for a shaking car is warped or damaged brake rotors. Brake rotors work in conjunction with the brake pads to stop your wheels from spinning. With continued use, brake rotors gradually get thinner and thinner, making them more easy to damage. Excessive heat generated during braking can cause the rotors to warp, and this can lead to slipping brake pads. When this is the case, you will probably notice that most of the shaking is coming from the brake pedal. 

Usually, you will need to have your brake rotors replaced around the 70,000-mile mark. However, your driving habits and the climate you live in could require you to replace the rotors sooner.

Tire Service is Needed

Issues with your tires can also cause your car to shake. Your tires may not be aligned properly, or they could simply be worn down. If this is the case, your vehicle's suspension system has to work even harder. If you happen to hit a curb or a pothole while driving in Concord, it could affect the alignment of your wheels. That is why you may notice vibration in your steering wheel. 

When you bring your vehicle in for a tire rotation, most service centers will also check wheel alignment. A tire rotation should be performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, however there may be different service intervals recommended by the manufacturer in your owner's manual. 

Steering & Suspension Issues 

If you notice that your vehicle shakes during regular driving as well as when you brake, it could be an issue with your steering or suspension systems. The issue could also be caused by a damaged part, such as an axle shaft. You may notice these suspension problems specifically when coming to a stop. 

When you set up your next appointment for an oil change or tire rotation, it can be beneficial to also request a general vehicle inspection. During this inspection, our experts can detect whether there are any potential problems with the steering and suspension systems. Identifying potential issues early can help to prevent major repairs down the road. 

How to Fix a Shaking Car

To fix this issue properly, you will want to have the exact cause assessed by a professional. Because your brakes are a critical component of your vehicle, do not wait to have the issue addressed. We want to ensure your vehicle is operating safely on the roads of Portsmouth. 

Keep Your Vehicle in Pristine Condition with Audi Stratham

We have now answered the common question, "Why does my car shake when braking?" We would also be more than happy to answer any other questions you may have about vehicle care and maintenance. Contact us today for more information. If you are ready to set up an appointment for service, be sure to take a look at our rotating service specials for additional savings.