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Before Nashua drivers know it, winter will be here, and considering that we live in such a cold climate, it's so important that your vehicle is ready for the potential hazards of driving in winter. Read to learn about how to put together the best car emergency kit, and then if you need help stocking up on supplies for a winter emergency tool kit for your car, reach out to the parts department at Audi Stratham for help. 

Winter Emergency Tool Kit for Your Car 

To fool-proof yourself from being stranded in dangerously low temps, you'll need to put together a substantial winter emergency car kit. Manchester drivers looking to put together the best car emergency kit possible will need to gather the following items: 

  • Portable shovel
  • Battery cables
  • Ice scraper
  • Items to help when stranded: flashlight, warning signaling cones, backup batteries, safety vest, and roadside triangles
  • Common winter items: gloves, blanket, rain poncho, rags, boots, socks, a hat. Pack anything to keep you warm if you get stranded during a snowstorm. 
  • Flat tire kit
  • Camera
  • Cell phone charger
  • Basic first-aid kit

Essential Items for Long Road Trips This Winter 

Portsmouth drivers who plan on going on a long drive this winter will especially need to be sure that their winter car safety kit is well-equipped. Here are a few must-haves for an emergency tool kit for your car if you're going cross-country: 

  • Tow strap: If you get stuck on ice or in a ditch, this tool is instrumental in getting help from another vehicle to get back on the road.
  • Long-lasting food and water: Bring some water and some preservable foods like granola and protein bars to tide you over in the event that you get stranded. 

If you get stranded in inclement weather, it's important to stay inside or near your vehicle. This makes it much easier for first responders to find you. Luckily, you'll have one of the best emergency car kits to keep you in good condition until they arrive. 

Get Help With Your Winter Car Safety Kit 

Do you have additional questions about putting together a winter emergency car kit? Don't hesitate to give Audi Stratham a call at 888-640-6786. Do you have other questions about winterizing your car? Be sure to check out our guide on winter wheels and winter tires!